"Lesekreis" - Playing Oppression: The Legacy of Conquest and Empire in Colonialist Board Games

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    Guten Tag ihr lieben,

    ich suche Austausch über das neu erschiene Buch "Playing Oppression: The Legacy of Conquest and Empire in Colonialist Board Games" und will daher gerne einen Lesekreis hierzu starten.


    A striking analysis of popular board games’ roots in imperialist reasoning—and why the future of play depends on reckoning with it.
    Board games conjure up images of innocuously enriching entertainment: family game nights, childhood pastimes, cooperative board games centered around resource management and strategic play. Yet in
    Playing Oppression, Mary Flanagan and Mikael Jakobsson apply the incisive frameworks of postcolonial theory to a broad historical survey of board games to show how these seemingly benign entertainments reinforce the logic of imperialism.

    Through this lens, the commercialized version of Snakes and Ladders takes shape as the British Empire’s distortion of Gyan Chaupar (an Indian game of spiritual knowledge), and early twentieth-century “trading games” that fêted French colonialism are exposed for how they conveniently sanitized its brutality while also relying on crudely racist imagery. These games’ most explicitly abhorrent features may no longer be visible, but their legacy still lingers in the contemporary Eurogame tendency to exalt (and incentivize) cycles of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination.

    An essential addition to any player’s bookshelf, Playing Oppression deftly analyzes this insidious violence and proposes a path forward with board games that challenge colonialist thinking and embrace a much broader cultural imagination.

    Das Buch hat acht Kapitel mit jeweils ca. 20 Seiten.

    Wir würden ab dem 3. April jede Woche ein Kapitel lesen und uns parallel zu dem jeweiligen Kapitel austauschen. Also vom 3. bis 9. April über Kapitel 1 usw.

    Wegen unvermeidlichem RSP habe ich hierzu einen discord-server aufgesetzt: https://discord.gg/zWugkJqQ

    Das Buch ist leider in Deutschland gedruckt schwer erhältlich, ich musste am Ende aus Mangel an Alternativen bei amazon bestellen.

    Als E-Book ist es aber von verschiedenen Anbietern problemlos erhältlich.

    Ich freue mich auf den Austausch!

    P.S. Für einen EInblick empfehle ich diesen Talk mit der Autorin u.a.:

    Playing Colonialism - Board Game Ethics