Medievalia German Rules online (new extended version)

  • Hi :winke:, sorry the intrusion! I don't speak German so apologize me!

    I have some news about rules of Medievalia game (Essen 2007 release). First, the game is starting to be distribuited in Germany! :)
    Second, we are working to a new release of Medievalia rules (also German version), a new extended version with more illustrations and explanations. It's possible to download it from

    Any suggestion/critic/correction will be appreciated! You can send email with

    Thank you!

  • Thank you for the information. Anybody out there who knows more about this game? Anybody who bought this game in Essen?

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  • Yeah,

    we were there and got the game explained by some girl. We thought, the game might be quite nice, but decided not to buy it, cos we didn't now how it would be working out played by only two players. It's a cardgame but it has got boardgame characteristics. You have to develop your own region and build an army to defeat your opponents - being the other players. The waraspects in the game are the other reason why we didn't buy it. It's not our type of game... Sounded quite interesting, though... wouldn't it be for the war-thing... In the end it would be dog eat dog...


    Wir waren da und haben uns das Spiel erklären lassen (Ich wußte nicht, wie ich es nett in Englisch ausdrücken sollte, aber die Dame hat uns bestätigt, dass sie sonst nihct unbedingt Spiele spielt - so kam's auch rübber...). Wir dachten, dass Spiel wär ganz nett, entschieden uns aber gegen einen Kauf, weil wir nicht wußten, ob es zu zweit auch gut funktioniert. Es ist ein Kartenspiel mit Brettspielcharakter. Man muss seine eigene Region entwickeln und eine Armee aufstellen um die Geger (die Mitspieler) zu besiegen. Der Kriegsaspekt war der andere Grund, warum wir es nicht gekauft haben. Ist nicht unser bevorzugter Typ Spiel. Trotzdem härte es sich ganz gut an ... wäre da nicht dieses Kriegs-Ding... Am Ende ist es Jeder gegen Jeden...

  • Good news. We putted online the last German rule version The 1.31!

    I hope that can help

  • Another little little news: the final rule version, 1.32 German version, is online:

    If someone need help with rules can write me :teach:

  • Thanks for your effort.
    Im especially happy about the online tutorial, which is something I really appreciate.

    Unfortunately I didn't quite got the rules of the game on the Spiel07.
    Mostly because I didn't understand the english explanation of an native italian speaker with all those background noise and the stress on a fair.

    I thought it might be interesting but dropped it for the Spiel07 (so much to look for...) and now that I have read the rules I am very interessted in the game.

    Looks a little bit like "Magic: The Gathering" for me
    (cards used get "tapped" - landscapes builds up ressources - you have to build up an army...) without the nasty "trading card game" aspect (which is a "no-go" for me).

    I am a bit addicted now - the price is attractive and it would justify a blind-buy. Have to find a local dealer now

    ( CosimShop: I know you have it listed, but Karlsruhe is not quite local for me, but if I find something else to buy along... who knows ;) )

    Summerized: Thanks again for your efforts. You succeeded in make me curious about the game! :up:

  • No problems Tyrfing,
    if you need help, i'm here!

    happy new Year!
    Mike :)