Winsome Games 2010 Essen Set

  • Für alle die es interessiert hier die Ankündigung des 2010 Essen Set.

    This announcement concerns the Numbered Essen Sets. If you will not be in
    Essen at Spiel on Thursday morning, October 21, please let me know and I
    will send you information on the unnumbered US Essen Set, which will
    be mailed.

    It is again time to announce to our old customers that Winsome Games will
    have another 80 numbered Essen sets at our stand in Hall 10, Stand 10-66.

    This year we have 3 new games and 3 expansions. The cost is 100 Euros.

    David V. H. Peters' SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français)
    is a 3-6 player game lasting 30 minutes. This simple but compelling
    railroad game covers all of France.

    Han Heidema's West Riding Revisited is a 3-6 player game lasting about 2 hours.
    This game is the result of ten years of further development of Han's original
    West Riding game and it plays very differently. No money is provided with WRR.

    Harry Wu's Texas & Pacific is a 2-6 player game lasting about 1 hour.
    Harry's latest game includes Ranches, Western build options and the explosive
    growth seen in Texas. No money is provided with T&P.

    Eddie Robbins' Baltimore & Ohio: Maine Lumber Expansion is the smallest
    expansion we have ever produced, but it has a big effect on the base game.

    Harry Wu's Preußische Ostbahn: Oldenburg expansion brings another
    railroad with a special ability into the game.

    Age of Steam: Poland is a fresh, new expansion for our classic game.

    As always, these Winsome Games Essen Sets are numbered, they must be
    reserved (email to reserve your set), they must picked up at
    the Winsome Games stand (Hall 10, Stand 10-66) between 10am and noon on
    Thursday morning. We promise not to be late this year; I am sleeping at an
    Essen Hotel this time!

    Laut Spielbox schon ausgebucht - ich konnte danach aber noch reservieren.

    Gruß aus dem Münsterland

    Gruß aus dem Münsterland


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